Download mtkflash - down?




is there an alternate site for downloading mtkflash and its relatives? appears to be down…




dhc014’s site is not mirrored. However, as this downtime is fairly short (see the announcement at the top of this forum for more details about why it is down), I would suggest that you be patient. :wink:


I have MtkWinFlash, if you like I will send it to you. I understand wanting to do what you want to do NOW. I dunno, lemme know if you want it. I have the text file that goes withi t too, I’ll zip it and send it if you wish. :iagree:


FYI, RPC1.ORG & it’s forum is back on the road. :wink:


Thanks s a lot for your kind offer, but since the site is up and running again now, I can download everything from there.