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Napster Beta 10.3 has been released. With this new version many songs that recently disappeared from the network because they were blocked, are now available again. Or how napster says it:…

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21 Songs Shared?!?!?! LOL! DAMN! I remember when it used to be in the thousands. RIP Napster!


average number of files shared by a person
so 21 files a user, not total


I meant per user. When I used to use it (over a year ago) it used to have I think it was either around 800,000 songs or 8 Million, I cant remember which, in those days it was soooo crammed full of music it was great :).


This sucks. Whats the Net coming too when we get shut dowb this way. Damn … the Napster dudes should just donate their operation to a country where the goverment does’nt give a shit about © … Get Napster back to how it should be. Why should the US courts dictate to a global user-base ?


Napster sucks. I have more than 700 files and it tells i’m sharing about 30. Use WinMX or KaSaA instead! :r


@|UBER|: Napster only shares mp3s that dont have the copyright-flag. sounds like most of ur songs have this flag


this only slows down the death of napster a little bit…


The filters are in the servers!! Not in the program itself. Don’t get fooled by this lousy scheme to make us use a version with fingerprinting technology. Nice try, goodbye Napster :wink:


I can’t understand why people are still using napster.There are some other mp3 file sharing clients out there that are superior to napster.Some even resume downloads and most are simpler to use.mp3s are here to stay.As soon as they shut something down a dozen even better options spring up on the net somewere else.You just have to look for them.They are out there.Lots of them.The record companies will never stop people swapping mp3s.Their publicity on piracy is drawing everyones attention and creating a bigger problem for them.Lower the prices of the music and people will buy more of it.


Forget Napster, WinMX and KaZza/Morpheus. If you want MP3s you need DopeFlish Satellite, it is an improved version of AudioGalaxy Satellite. With it you can get just about any song there is. And like iMesh and KaZza/Morpheus it automatically resumes incomplete downloads. Download it at :7


for Nighthawk the link is down :c:c


Hey the reality of the situation is that if you know how to hang on the ‘net’, then you can find a way to get what you want everytime. (FTP groups, IRC, independent napster servers like oggvorbis, Hotline Client, Direct Connect, Morpheus/Kazaa, Bearshare, iMesh, WINMX!, Freenet, etc… It’s just that the net hasn’t become a regular part of most peoples lives yet, and they arent totally comfortable with computers and internet yet. But don’t worry just a matter of time before the world becomes computer savvy and internet connections get faster, cheaper, along with computers, and soon all will be able to find what they want when they want. And the poor music companies and the riaa will see the err of their ways, it’s a fact. Do you truly think they can make music a secure technology NEVER, impossible, as the whole world becomes more and more internet/computer savvy every day. :slight_smile: Shame to the greedy bastards boycott buying CD’s until the FatCats get a dose of reality. 14.99 a CD !#?!?@#? Hmmph. Like, Get Real.


The website is NOT down. Here it is again: Look at the speeling it’s f-l-i-s-h rather than f-i-s-h.