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Always hated that Freedrive way of downloading stuff…?
Sick and tired of always having to go through so much trouble to get what you…

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So where is it? I’ve looked at the site but haven’t found anything about no manager…!? Download link, please!


This is what I was looking for!
It’s somewhat hard to setup, I had to fill in a proxy and couldn’t see what I typed, but all in all it works fine.

I’m on cable and the online status led in the program didn’t lite up, but I was online anyway.

Great program if you want to d/l from Freedrive overnight.

Now let’s find a way to get more than 500 MB/day off of a Freedrive account a day.

Damned, did I say 500MB/day, they lowered it to 200MB/day!

thanx …there is a god…

Only 200MB/day??? they’re going from bad to worse… It’s a pitty what once, in my opinion, was the best virtual HD site around.

Hey BSA! You little runt of a motherfucker… I’m sorry that I’m not as bright as you… Poor little asswipe, you’re so cool! I really envy you, brainless piece of shit. Go back from where you came! Slut!

calm down lads… 200MB a day? damn i wish i had cable - 200MB isnt even a lot 2 u! ive got a 56k modem!!! id b happy wit half that a day!

i can get 15mb an hour through my 36k modem: thats like 300mb a day if i set it to go on my unmetered account)it just proves that it aint your modem but your isp that counts! (cable accepted)

=) even for idrive …

=) even for idrive …

I assume that this would also work for Idrive accts as well correct?

Please tell me how to setup this OpenMP3 program. I couldn’t work out how to get it going. Thanks

haven’t tested it yet, but it sure sounds like the “thing” I’ve been waiting for

Hah! My Essent@home has NO download limit! I can download anything I want with about 110 Kbps Offers the same thing but it is very easy to use and very efficient. I use it all the time. The program is called DocWeb.

hay link in engllish for us not german guy would be good
that said does anyone know how to burn an iso to a floppy disk or of a prog to do it???

Stick this into babelfish if you want a rough translation:

ISO on floppies, thats a whole fuckload of floppies my friend. However you can do it. Use rar to make a multipart archive and store the pieces on your 465!! floppies LOL


You are full of shit!
It’s the Freedrive account that has a downloadlimit (still 500 mb btw), this has nothing to do with your connection.