Download "Lost" episodes on a site? Legal?

I found a site and it says (for $$ of course) that I can d/l all the “Lost” series episodes including the latest ones after joining. This seems to be contrary to everything I have read. Does anyone know about this site called “lets-get-it?” It’s an “org” site.


There’s certainly no need to pay for most TV episodes as they’re freely available through bittorrent. That may or may not be legal depending on your country of residence.

In the UK “Lost” is currently only on a subscription channel so I’d assume that downloading would be illegal.


That’s interesting news for me. Which channels am I allowed to copy programs from in the UK and save / burn off for friends?

Anything on Freeview? or is it more complex than that?

I don’t know the law on this but I’d guess that anything that’s free to view would not be considered a serious breach of the law.
It might be technically illegal for all I know but as it’s simple to personally record these at the time of transmission then I can’t see it being pursued by the authorities.

Is that a vague enough reply?

I believe the BBC is trialling program downloads anyway.

No mention of copyright/licensing on the website or in the FAQ. I don’t know anything about this particular site, but many of the TV/music/movie download sites are just fronts for standard peer to peer file-sharing software.

The latest episodes of Lost appear on Gnutella (Limewire) within a couple of days of the first screening in the the US. I downloaded the entire 2006 season. Since out local TV station (RTE) is now only 5 days behind the US, it is hardly worth the effort. As for the legality of downloading it, I’m sure most countries have laws against copying and/or distributing copyright material without permission from the copyright owner. I think TimC is right, it is unlikely that the copyright owner will take action against individual downloaders after the program has been shown on TV.