Download file formats and burning to CD

I’m putting together a little xmas album for myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve d/l a bunch of songs from Walmart in wma and a friend sent me a wav of one I couldn’t fiind. I’m going to burn them all to CD using MP10.

There is one song that I want that’s available only on iTunes. Their format is proprietary, right? aac or something?

Is there a way I can convert the format so it can be burned to the same CD-R with the other songs? Or, alternatively, does WMP handle this format?

One solution I’ve come up with is to d/l and play it on the puter and record it as it plays using the recorder in EAC, but I’d rather convert it if possible. (I used this tricked with Real music files once.)

Drat all these companies and their proprietary formats.

Use Burrrn ( . It should automatically handle these different formats for you.
Nice simple interface , free and does a very decvent job.

I really don’t want another program. Really really. I have EAC, Nero, WMP, iTunes, Real, and Winamp.

I d/l the song, btw, and the format is m4p.

Well you’ll have to use a program to convert mp4 to wav etc anyway so why not use Burrrn.

As I’ve said before, Winamp is great for making WAVs out of compressed audio files. Does the song play in Winamp? If so, go to Preferences - Output and select the “Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in”. Set your desired output directory for the WAV file with “Configure”, close Preferences and start playback. You won’t hear anything, but you’ll see the conversion being completed very fast. Return to your standard Output plug-in afterwards obviously. If you have a DSP plug-in installed, you can even pep up low bitrate files into better sounding WAVs this way. :slight_smile:

I’ve never used WinAmp for anything but internet radio. I like it for that. I have the wav output plugin, but m4p isn’t listed as a file type.

I tried with Nero, and it said the m4p was protected. So, I turned to iTunes.

I solved the issue this way - I burned the m4p from iTunes using iTunes. I burned the wma files using WMP. Then I ripped everything back to wav using EAC. I burned to CD-RW and erased the files when done so I didn’t have to waste CD-Rs. I burned with Nero from the wavs. It all sounds more cumbersome than it really was.

Thank you all for your help. Don’t mean to seem ungrateful at all. I always appreciate the assistance I get here.

That’s alright :slight_smile: . There’s usually different ways to accomplish the same thing with computers and everyone has his favorite method.