Download failed



I registered my copy of Nero 6 but the download failed.
I cannot re-register as my serial number is already registered.
How can I download my copy of NeroLinux without going through registration? :confused:


Normally you can re-register yourself as soon as you give the same serial number and the same email adress. This has been fixed today.


Glad to hear that they fixed that issue…I too, had trouble going BACK to the
site to download another copy (being dumb and putting the other one somewhere
I couldn’t find)…anyway, another suggestion would be to post the current
version on the front page so that we can know if there has been an update
since before at a glance. Could they do that?

I am assuming that they will continue to update and improve this already seemingly pretty good product. It hasn’t missed a beat for me yet, but I still haven’t exploited it



I cant download it at all I get a 503 Error or a page that looks like Real Player
What is up ?
Nevermind I figured it out
Darn Web Standards
The RPM Version will not Download if you use Mozilla’s Firefox Browser it does work with IE


Huh? Should work if you RIGHT CLICK and then say save as…on
Gecko browser’s it’s been like that for a while…

I was having trouble even getting TO it, but apparently they have that fixed now


I registered nero 6 just to get NeroLinux to my machine -> Download-page in Linspire-machine said “time out” and in Windows Xp I got “page cannot be displayed”… should I try to register again later?