Download DVD Fab Ver 5

Help Again
I have been trying Most of the afternoon to upgrade to 5
I have downloaded and obtained a desktop Exe and I thought instaled it > but then came the Registration and the need to get an update for that but either my email address wasnt recognised or the security letters
Any advise (printable) for an idiot

Did you a new key for Version 5?

Please tell us what program you’re both talking about! :slight_smile:

I’m assuming DVDFab.

This is the problem Dialysis1
I try to obtain a new number for Ver 5 and during the form filling I am told > my email address is un-recongnised or the security nu8mber is incorrect frequent checking and confermation that this is NOT the case gets me nowhere
Thanks for your imput

SORRY +++++++++
I should Know better >>>>>>>>>>>>
It is the Ver 5 of Platinum DVDFab
I said Idiot
Sorry again

OK thanks chaps :slight_smile: … transferring to DVD Fab forum.

Are you using the same email address that you used when you first purchased DVDFab?

Yes Same Email address … and also the same One I recieve DVDFab weekly reports to
My OS is Windows Vista by the way
Thanks again

Contact the company with as much information as you can including your order number.

Thanks Gentlemen
Off goes my Data
Will keep you informed Re results
Ta Clive

Satisfactory Conclusion +++
It was a miss registered email address My address was logged as a How this occurred is a mystery I havea been a member of DVDFab for years so whether the change has occurred in the recent updates I don’t know, but it has all come out in the wash as they say >>>THANK You for your impute and advice
Take Care

That’s good news!