Zero-tolerance policy toward bundled adware

I just posted the article Zero-tolerance policy toward bundled adware.

ItalianJob used our news submit to tell us “A late but good initiative !”

  "This week, we"ve upped the ante: we"re 

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This is a great day. When one of the bigger shareware download sites ups the ante like this, it may well set an example for others to follow. Way to go.

have they removed “Spyware Accelerator Plus” (aka Download Accelerator Plus) from their website?

Have they removed Burn4Free which includes a browser hijacker?

This is really a good thing. Now, we can assure that all software listed/downloaded from is Spyware Free.
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Umm wait a minute, AdWare is a good thing… if the only way a company can provide a piece of software for free is by serving banner ads, it’s totally harmless and it’s not fair to programmers. Spyware is an entirely different issue and those companios/people should burn in an unsavory place. AdWare becomes spyware if any data is sent back to the server, and I wouldn’t complain much if that’s all they meant, but if this news release bans harmless adware, then Download has been drinking to much crybaby koolaid.
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