Download BD-Live with firmware update

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Sony has just launched their promised firmware update for the BDP-S350. During the summer the company promised to launch the download and now the Japanese giant keeps its word.
Available right now…

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Maybe sony should invest 10 to 12 bucks CDN and buy a faster modem

Did you guys even verify the download speed?

I’m downloading it right now, the file is “UPDATE_BDPS350_VER007.EXE” , 50.91MB and the speed is 380KB/sec or almost 3mbps on my 5/2 mbps line.


You are downloading a older firmware ver.

You want Ver - 010

Sony Uk site right now is the only one that has the new firmware available to download at the moment.

UPDATE_BDPS350_VER010.EXE ( approximately 56.2 Mb )



and what does it update ?