Download a video

I want to download a video from

I’ve tried different sites and software, but they couldn’t download this video.

Does anybody know a site or software program to download a video from

(sorry for my bad English:o I’m from The Netherlands, so that’s why;))

If it is streaming video you might be able to capture it with CamStudio.

I use GetASFstream:

or Download & use new VLC media player (1.0.1):
(click on “view”, & choose/checkmark “advanced controls” to activate record button on main player window. Then on “file” choose the streaming option, paste url in box, click play button on streaming page, which will take you to main player window where you press record.

Sorry to double-post, but in GetASFstream:
copy the url (web address) from the webpage that the video is on, open GetASFstream & it should automatically take you to its url screen where you should see the url already entered in the top box(es). If not, paste it in there. Once it’s in there, click the PASTE button, then the ADD button. Then GetASFstream should show you its main screen. wait a few seconds for the text to load up in the bottom pane, then hit the red record button in the upper part & wait until the progress bar reaches 100%. You’ll hear a “Ka-ching” sound.Then, click on the folder icon a couple of lines below the progress bar & it will take you to the new video file inside of GetASF’s root folder. Make sure the file plays OK, then you can move it to wherever you need.