Downhill Battle plans to spoil Christmas for the RIAA & MPAA

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   As we know  the RIAA and MPAA have been suing individuals and BitTorrent & eDonkey hub operators,  a file sharing activist group from Worcester Downhill Battle is trying quite  a...
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Pretty crap protest “Yo! we dont like you, so we are sending unsightly coal to your door, you will recive your coal in 6-8 weeks”

Not to mention they’ll just sell the coal for money if they get a bunch.

let it pile up against the door and set light to it :wink:

want to make a point who is the richest organisation that the RIAA and the MPAA protect ??? boycott that company till they at least half their current prices hurts most when you hit em in the pocket directly once one falls well … just watch:g

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! It isnt a war about piracy…it is a war about tactics and using power to intimidate and harrass. It is about a few corporations who think their interests trancends those of society. It is about antiquated business stifling technological advances and hiding behind unbalanced legislation that allows them to sue developers, pressure manufacturers, exert control over the way people experience creative works. It is about a select few influencing air play, controlling the market and shutting off any artist or talent that doesnt play the game. It is about a dirty industry with a long history of cheap tricks now calling millions of people thieves while they put leverage against the very people they claim to protect. It is about these guys contributing to politicians and somehow convincing them that the solution is picking away at millions of people and putting them in jail or suing them into poverty. Is this the a way of living that people are prepared to accept? The only ones who are going to stop these jack booted sharks is the public. We have got to quit thinking we can’t live without them and start working to insure that we do live without them in the future. This crap is not going to stop unless people stop supporting them and their products.

Instead of coal use Pentaerythrite Tetranitrate with a detonator :d

instead of cola a piece of shit in their face

Yes boycott… we need some voulenteers to go stand on the sidewalks of major audio video retailers with picket signs the day before chrismas and make the public aware and hurt these basterds on one of their busiest shoping days.

Send me the coal, I could use it to make iron castings in my Cupola Furnace. :d Anyway, I agree, sending coal is pretty lame. When the local radio station protested something or other, they used human urine, perhaps, as at least one other suggested, Downhill should collect sh … er feces, put it all in two large paper bags, set one on the doorstep of the RIAA and one on the doorstep of the MPAA, light it off and run.:B (Note: Should save a VERY LARGE paper bag, not large as in the size of an average shopping bag or even the paper leaf bags, but they should be the size of a semi!)
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I just realised the RIAA/MPAA havnt done anything wrong, all they are doing is stopping people stealing there stuff. If you walked into a shop, and stole something, would you think the shopkeeper was wrong to call the police? Would you throw shit and coal in his face? Allthough I agree they are miserly and very rich, they havnt done anything wrong. Ben :slight_smile:

Nobody has stolen their stuff. Nobody’s claiming that “this downloaded movie was produced by me, or I wrote/composed that song”. Everybody’s doing them a favor by distributing their stuff without making them spend money.

“I just realised the RIAA/MPAA havnt done anything wrong, all they are doing is stopping people stealing there stuff. If you walked into a shop, and stole something, would you think the shopkeeper was wrong to call the police?” If you steal a loaf of bread can the shopkeeper sue you for $150,000 per loaf?

Pirates using coal, whats the world comming to ? file sharing is warez nothing legall about that so pile that coal up in your own yard and practice not getting your fingers burnt which i suspect you will one day.

tinku: Can the sanctimonious and self-righteous twaddle. Just so you know, file sharing is quite legal here in Canada and NOT necessarily warez. Like any other technology, it has its downside but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the sole use of the concept.

Boycott is the answer.:frowning:

We live in capitalist societies, and sometimes these big corporations try to screw the general population. I don’t think its such a clear cut line as it being stealing as it being ripping the people off. They charge too much for albums, only put out crap, control the radio. They’ve screwed things up. The advent of mp3’s has kept me from buying alot of crappy albums. Now i get to preview them first. I still buy albums i really like, but this saves me alot of money. Capitalism doesn’t protect everyone, and I guess by download works were protesting a corrupt system.

the riaa represents more a cartel , it’s a stange thing that cds from various editors cost ± the same … stop feed the sharks

No I wouldnt think it was wrong for the shopkeeper to call the police, because such behavior is criminal intent. I dont get what correlation that has to somebody downloading copyrighted music tho? And whoever said anything about throwing shit or coal in peoples faces. You have a sick mind. :r

I always love how it is the MPAA and the RIAA that always bitch about losing money and all that, cept you hardly ever hear any of the artists complain unless they are poked and proded about it. Maybe because they actually appreciate that we listen to them, and know that if we have a chance to see our favs in person we will go there, and the bands get more direct profits from the live shows then they ever see from a CD. Just my thoughts. I know when Evanescence finally hit it big, they TOLD us to download their songs for free, because most of their work was no longer available, and they did not care at all. Just glad I live in a country where I do not have to worry about downloading music, GO CANADA!!