Downgrading the firmware for LiteOn iHAS324 E

My LiteOn iHAS324 E (4L17) doesn’t burn the Ritek DVD disc well.
I want to test it with older firmware (4L14) but the utility doesn’t let me.
Is there anyway to downgrade?


I think it is possible to downgrade, but you need to have the binary of the firmware you want to flash.

However, I doubt it will help and you should probably try better media.

Links are dead there.
I tried other LiteOn drives and they worked fine with Ritek.

Did you try using the Smart Burn utility to clear learned media?

Isn’t Smart Burn utility for detecting the write speed?
I always use 8x

It has several functions, including clearing the “history” of the media it has burned so far. This is useful because if among good discs you have a bad batch clearing the learned media “resets” the drive to the default write strategy.

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I get this error:


I get the same error with iHAS124 E, so it seems that SMART-BURN is not working with these drives.

SMART-BURN Media Check v3.5.5

Mine works with that utility just fine (version 3.5.5).
I have Ihas 124E with firmware 4L0A.

When was it manufactured?

In April 2014.

I have to come back to this one.
The drive was actually manufactured in May 2014 and i get the same error with it as you did.
I made a mistake. The drive that i had plugged in at the time of the test was actually a B drive.