Downgrading from vs06 to vs04 or vs02

i upgraded a 40125s to vs06(48125w). Now it can not read any cds correctly.

How can revert back to 40125s or vs04/vs02.

I have not had any luck with dos flasher, would prefer win9x solution.

Search the forum for a program MTKFlash. Make a boot disc and flash your drive with the VS02 Binary Firmware, OC-Freak knows more than I do. Check one of the sticky’s in the Liteon forum.

None of the high speed firmwares will be very good at reading discs that were burned with another firmware.
If you follow the sticky threads you will get ample instructions on using MTKFlash to jump back and forth.

Simply use mtkflash and zs0K,

or if you still want to stick to 48x , then use vs02/04.

The same flashing procedure as before, only different FWs.

i reflashed back to zs0k. can read cds but the eject button does not work.

Well, if you’re facing such a bad luck ( just read another post of yours ), then try to exchange this drive.

How do you flash back if your drive is in a USB enclosure? I have a windows flash from VS0K to VS06 but VS06 doesn’t work very well. I want to go to VS02 but the liteon firmware won’t downgrade. Mkflash is not an option for me. I saw the windows firmware posted last week but now I can’t find it anywhere on the board.