Downgrading 111d firmware

Is there anyway to revert back to an old fw. I tried from the website, but it is telling me that I already have the latest firmware.

Just hard that firmware 1.29 is going to cause me some problems and need to go to back to 1.23.

Anyone able to help.

Toddgei -

There is no advantage of reverting backwards to old outdate obsolete Firmware.

It might be helpful if you provided details as to exactly what your “cause me some problems” problem is.

In your pervious Forum Posting titled “[B]Pioneer 111D 1.23 making coasters of dl +r discs[/B]” your problem was related to the use of poor quality blank media.

In seeing that your previous problem was related to the use of poor quality blank media leads me to suspect your current undisclosed problem is not Firmware related but is related to the use of poor quality blank media problem.

It might be helpful to closely review the below Web Link concerning blank Media. For quality error free results only use media that is listed on the 1st Class Media list ->


He wants to go back to 1.23 because with 1.29, we are getting open tray errors on our xbox360 backups which were identified by using 1.29.

i’d have to disagree… that media guide is useless IMO, and i’m sure many would agree with me. theres a 3 page thread here of pretty much everyone saying they disagree with that guide and the author of it (Lordsmurf) trying to defend himself.

i understand that you were only recommending the media listed as 1st class, but thats not even completely safe, as TDK media has REALLY gone downhill the past 1-2 years and their media is quite variable these days. i would trust some of the media he lists as 2nd, 3rd or even 4th class media before TDK.

If you want to take it back, use the Dangerous Brothers 1.06 FW for 111 model. Once you flash to that FW, then you can flash over it to anything you want.

Well technically you’d want to use the 111D in this case if you wanted to cross-flash from a different derivative, the kernel flasher is the only one that supports that.

On the other hand the subsequent RPC1 releases use a patched version of the Pioneer flasher which allows same-on-same or back flashing as well as flashing on to drives with RPC1 firmware. In these cases you can use this patched flasher, and stock binaries to get back to whatever version you chose.

Brother Vlad