Downgrade plexwriter 40/12/40 ta

sorry to keep asking the same quetion : how can i go back from firmware 1.05 to 1.04 ? ,
because in another thread ( plexwiter px 40/12/40ta reading problem ) nobody answers me ,
if i use the 1.04 utility from plextor , it refuses to do the downgrade ,
thanks ,

robert ,

download from plextor the firmware in .exe or .bin with the pxupdate util and thats all
After that execute it and your cd-writer will be downgraded

thanks for responding parker but i ’ ve already tryed what you told , but the utility refuses to do the downgrade , any other suggestions ??? ,
robert ,

Try to disable DMA function before downgrade.

i switched to windows 2000 and in that os i was able to downgrade to 1.04 and the problem was solved , anyway , thanks for your reply and suggestions parker ,
see you ,

robert ,