Downgrade Philips DVDR980



Can anyone tell how to downgrade the firmware of a Philips DVDR980. I have the necessary CD wit firmware but don’t know how to force the downgrade.





"Take out any disc and put the recorder into stand-by. Unplug the unit from mains power and wait for one minute. Press down both the REC and EJECT buttons, and keep them held down while plugging the unit back into mains power. Keep the buttons pressed until the unit powers up. The display should now read “FORCED DOWN”, followed by “OPENING”. When the tray is opened, put in the firmware CD you wish to revert to and press the tray in to close. After the firmware installation process is completed, the display reads “REMOVE DISK” and the tray opens. You can now remove the disc and close the tray. As the unit goes into stand-by, the firmware reversion process is completed. "



LooB! You ROCK!!!

I was told by the peeps at Philips that I had to send my dvr75/17 to the repair shop after I downloaded the wrong firmware for my model. I installed the 75/001 firmware.
It completely shut down my composite inputs. Tried to download the right firmware but got an “up-to-date” message. This fixed it! Thanks for the valuable info!


Still no composite input,
Where can I get a copy of the previous version firmware for 75/17.


The Philips support people are numbskulls. It’s physically impossible to install the “wrong” firmware, as there are so many checks done by the unit before the upgrade is accepted.

As you have found out, sometimes using different firmware can have adverse effects.

I don’t know which version you have, version ff13k can be downloaded from here:



I’m just wondering how it could physically affect my composite inputs?


It didn’t shut down my inputs! :slight_smile:
It just moved how to get to them on my remote??!!
the original firmware allowed me to use the menu key to select inputs.
but with the new firmware I have to use the up and down channel keys.
record laser is still kaput but at least i have the inputs back.
replaced it with a sony rdr-gx300.