Downgrade LG 4160B


My LG 4160B refuses to burn DVDs for 4 days now, which is why I’d like to know if I can downgrade my firmware from A304 to A303.

Funny thing is, it has no problem with burning CDs. But when he finishes a DVD, it says something like (roughly translated from German) “failed to fix DVD session”, although the disc is readable after that.
Another time, it said something like “SCSI Code Not Accepted”, although it’s a IDE drive.

Am I too stupid to get it, is it possible that it’s broken? I could promise that it burned DVDs properly after the firmware upgrade.

Thanks for helping!

I just found out: It’s no problem with DVD+RWs. Nero counts down 5 minutes but finishes after less than 1, while with a DVD-RW, he needs the full time just to tell me that he wasn’t able to fix the session.

Help! Things like these drive me crazy!

That’s not the drive, it’s buggy Nero.