Down load video lock

Thanks for accepting my membership in this forum. I hope that I shall be able to learn more video and audio softwares.
I want to record a program in high defination, which is running for continuously 48 hours or more. Then I want to keep it uploaded to website. Interested people should be able to download, AFter download they must be able to burn it to hd dvd. That DVD must be playable in available dvd players and can be watched on TV.
Here come the trick. WHat format should be uploaded first keeping high information in tact and also after downloading before burning it to dvd they must ask activation code from us after paying some nominal charges.
Please do reply me back in confidence

Is this a TV show that you are going to charge for, did you make the show, if not, you can’t charge for it or put it up on your website!

No Sir,
Its not a TV show. This is a religious function to be performed at home. This function is already available in audio mp3 free of cost. total duration of the program will be 48 hrs. But to record this program it may need one months or so. recording editing re recording if needed. etc
I may be just charging to cover my costs and later it may be token charges to keep the sancity and craze towards program.
Looking for practical solution.

May I wait for reply fro some experts


at first, forget the HiDef thing since either your server or your clients (or even both) won’t have enough bandwidth.

Perhaps you could sign a contract with one of those video-on-demand companies, since these have the know-how and the technical ressources for such a project.