Doug/Marloyd has passed away

Sorry to have to report the loss of a very dear and very valued friend. :cry: :cry:

Doug, known on the forums here as Marloyd has passed away.

He’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and moved into a hospice only a couple of days ago, so this has all been a massive shock to me.

I can’t begin to say how much I liked this guy. Warm, kind, extremely positive (despite his many medical issues) and a fantastic sense of humour.

He’s been a massive influence on everyone here and I know he’ll be very sorely missed.

Hope you’re up there watching over us Doug and God bless!


Very sorry to hear this. Doug was always a friendly voice on the forums, quick to join in on discussions in the cat box and in the Living Room. He was constantly battling illness, but this does come as a shock.

RIP Doug.


I am sorry to read this. My prayers goes out to all his friends and family affected by his passing.


RIP Doug. He was a valued member of this forum and a very nice person. My condolences to his family and loved ones.


Very sorry to learn that Doug “Marloyd” has passed away. May he rest in peace.


Rest in peace Doug.


Very sad to hear, pancreatic Ca is a bitch


Very sad, Marloyd is another lost friend. Too many great people passing lately, it’s so numbing.

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Indeed, very sad to read that such a friendly, positive and kind person has passed away. Also my condolences to everyone around him.

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Sorry to hear this sad news. Rest in peace Doug.

Marloyd, you will be missed. Although I didn’t know you too well, the few conversations I had with you were always pleasant. I do hope you’ll be able to rest peacefully.

May he rest in peace…

I can’t believe Doug has gone. :sad::sad::sad:

He was a wonderful friend. Funny, kind and incredibly supportive when I was going through some particularly tough times. He was the only person in the world who I could talk to about some difficult things in life over the last 6 years. Feel awful that I wasn’t around when he was going through such an awful ordeal. I hope he didn’t suffer at the end and that his family are OK.

Have an incomplete email to him which has been sitting here since June. By a rather unfortunate coincidence the first line was "Seems odd that, for the first time since the turn of the century, none of the usual suspects have been predicting that the world will end in 2017… " It was going to be something to give him a good chuckle. Never occurred to me that he was terminally ill.

Farewell Doug. I’ll miss you more than you will ever know. :flower:

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I feel verm sorry for what happened.
But may I know more precisely, who he is and how he has contributed? Thanks.

Mostly by his positive attitude,his empathy and his common sense…:clapping:


… and his great sense of humour. :flower:

What makes MyCE/CD Freaks special is that as well as being the premier optical disc/drive technical forum, it always had a great social side. Doug was one of many people who came here more for the social side than the technical, but that doesn’t mean that his contribution to the forum was any less.

He was a wonderful human being.

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Rest In Peace.

Condolences to his family.

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