Doubts TY Media

What is the opinion of you, DVD JVC Taiyo Yuden media? it is true that the media has a life span of 100 years or is it marketing? under what conditions he endures 100 years? the media has organic dye and plastic that breaks down, no one can control an environment storage swings as high humidity and temperature between 30 ~ 36 degrees

is better DVD-R JVC Taiyo Yuden or stone MDISC?

ALL media fails. Sometimes in a day, sometimes in a century, and for any number of reasons. It really doesn’t matter how long it lasts if you are properly backing up and checking integrity regularly.

at my house the temperature is 30 C ° ~ 36 C ° and humidity 35% ~ 64% without rain, a DVD + R 16x Philips (CMC MAG M01) and DVD-R JVC Taiyo Yuden will have an estimated durability of years in these conditions ?

There will be better technology and newer forms of storage by the time the disc decides to degrade, if at all.

I’d buy Taiyo Yuden, then different brands of disc and backup the backups.

Btw - wow your house is hot. 30-36 degrees C? No air con??

1 - My house has no air conditioning and the region where I live is hot 30 ~ 36 degrees, humidity 35 ~ 64% without rain and with the rain period the humidity is high

2 - DVD disc Taiyo Yuden resists higher temperatures and humidities as compared to any other manufacturer?

3 - I have a DVD + R 16x Philips (CMC MAG M01), I contacted the CMC and they said that this dvd disc has a useful life of 30 ~ 50 years if stored in ideal conditions, this information is true or false? what are those conditions for philips dvd disc live 50 years? in my condition 30 ~ 36 degrees, humidity 35 ~ 64% without rain this dvdr disc will have an expectation of how many years?

Keep them in a refrigerator and set it to 40F. They will last a long time at a constant temp and humidity.