Doubts on the PX-716a

hey, im starting to have doubts on the PX-716a. let me fill you in…

i bought the PX-716a as a last minute thing to due to lack of time i had. therefore i didnt have time to research the drive properly. anyways thinking that i had excellent performance with my PX-708a i thought plextor could top it with the PX-716a. how wrong i was! now that im on my christmas vacation from my university, i had time to research the drive. i looked through the forums and the results werent good. most of you are 50/50 on this drive. so now im starting to have doubts on the PX-716a.

was i right in buying the PX-716a? should i have waited until plextor finally sorted out this drive or bought a different one altogether?

change this drive to a nec!

Dont listen to people who made only burns trying to reach “full 16X”.
People doing that have not understood the manual of the PX-716A
It is not a problem with the PX-716A and not even a problem with the media but a problem on how the PX-716A should be used

During the first burns PoweRec tests the quality of the media, reduces the speed if necessary and saves data to the Autostrategy database. Others drives don’t !

So use the drive properly:
settings always: POWEREC on and AUTOSTRATEGY on

and you will have the best results even with medias such as “CMC Mag” former classified as low quality

To control the quality of burning do TA tests with Plextools and not endless “errors scans” which are not scientific (not reproductible)

I think that it’s not a best buy, but still far from trash. It can make good quality burns on certain discs, especially TY media.
You have to wait half a minute more to have a completed burn signal from your burning app (12X vs. 16X with other drives), but that shouldn’t bother an average home user much.
I don’t really agree with franz99 though, because PoweRec and AutoSrategy just screw up my burns. Just one example: I try to burn a YUDEN000-T02 (8X +R) disc @12X with PoweRec ON (AutoStrategy is OFF for this media is supported in the FW). The recommended write speed by PoweRec is 16X even that the drive can’t really cope with this speed… No problem, I select 12X in my burner app, but it is overrided by PoweRec, and the final chosen speed is 16X! But. (:bigsmile: ) The burn itself is performed at 8X with Z-CLV burning strategy, even if this speed is given as P-CAV for this drive! If I turn PoweRec off and let PlexTools run in the background (no success if I shut it down, even if I choose ‘Save settings on exit’), it burns fine @12X P-CAV, and gives better results than @8X Z-CLV. :eek:

Actually, I’m starting to have faith on 716a. Currently is my fourth. The first three is TLA0000s and 0001 and as we all know there’s hardware problems with those TLA. This one is TLA0202 and burns lot better. As Gamefreak mentioned, I would also say that one or two future firmwares will raise the rating of the drive. Just make sure you have TLA02xx. I’m keeping it with fw 1c04.

I agree with zevia. The plex 716A with TLA 02xx and 1c04 fw seems to work very well!

The plextor 716 with proper media burns good, in fact better then the nec 3500, but the nec 3500 has more media support at this moment, but i am sure that the new firmwares from plextor will have more new media support within, and the plextor auto drive strategy works great at first burn you could get a bad burn but then the firmware adapt to make a better burning, its a kind of thinking firmware and that kind of firmware allong with the proper burning software works great aslong the media is reconized in the firmware because otherwise it cant adapt

I am just saying that for an “average” user who is not aware off all the settings:
leaving both PoweRec on and Autostrategy on all the time is a simple and
a good … strategy

I really agree that at the moment the is a “mixup” in such questions as:
1- how the settings of Plextools are saved and overwritten or not by other softwares

2- How work entries in the AS Database for unsupported medias that are now supported by a a further firmware upgrade.
Is it then possible to force the use of this entry in AS for this media ?

By the way I like that you have a look at this text that apparead on the US Plextor website on december the 23rd with the list of “PX-716 Series Media List”

and especially following:
NOTE: AUTOSTRATEGY will develop an appropriate write strategy for media that is unknown and not in the current firmware write strategy table or that has been noted to have various quality issues. Media with a “xxAS” will use AUTOSTRATEGY to develop a suitable write strategy at the speed noted regardless of the rated speed of the media. It is recommended that AUTOSTRATEGY remain enabled at all times.

Do you think this last explanation is clear ?

prankz, it would be best to do some tests yourself. When you read through a forum you will always find positive and negative posts. When I first got the PX-716A I wasn’t impressed by it at all because the first disc I wrote was an unsupported one and AutoStrategy was causing long burn times (lead-in took around 2 to 3 minutes). I didn’t know what was causing it but now that I know I’ve started to like my PX-716A. Agreed, PoweRec is a little too sensitive and media support could be better with certain media types but this can be improved via firmware upgrades. The beta firmware 1c04 already shows some interesting things (smoother 16x burn graphs for instance) so I’m confident that the PX-716A will be a winner. When using recommended discs (like Mitsubishi, Taiyo Yuden, Ricoh) with my PX-716A I get excellent results. I wouldn’t worry about it too much prankz!

so in your opinion i should hold out with the PX-716a? give it a chance to prove itself?

Keep it, I think it’s going to be a great drive. You probably don’t have any 16x media right now anyways, and double-layer media is way too expensive to be practical. The market is currently filled with 4x and 8x media for decent prices.

And guess what? The Plextor burns these media with outstanding quality and sometimes at greater speeds than the media’s label speed. With time, it’s going to get better with the 16x and dual layer media. By the time this media can be found at a decent price, the drive should be more than capable of burning it well. Also, you will have a drive with much more advanced feautures than any other drive on the market right now. These features are going to become better and better with firmware updates.

-ImBAD :iagree:

What’s a decent price for PX-716A? US$170? or half of US$170 or a quarter of US$170?

I paid $69.99 (US) for it from PCConnection, that’s a great price! If you guys over in Europe and Asia could buy it at that price, you’d be getting it for practically nothing, because the dollar is so weak right now.

The typical price for PX-716A is $150 - $30 MIR = $120.00 US (at BestBuy, etc.)


You got a good deal. South Korean price of BenQ DW1620 OEM is about US$85 and it’s the same for LG GSA-4163B, back-imported, since retail domestic version is not yet available in Seoul. PX-716A for US$70 is clearly a lot better buy. I paid practically over US$500 for PX-708A taking into the currency rate and the value of Won in South Korea at the time of purchase. PX-716A is selling for a little under US$170 in Seoul now. PX-716UF initially was priced at about US$350. Ridiculous, but the distributors won’t change the pricing policy because there are ready buyers of any Plextor ODD regardless of performance and cost (unless it’s priced something like US$2,000 per unit but even for that price there would be enough people to pay willingly enough to justify the business on the part of the distributors.) The problem with Plextor is that it’s very small, and targets a relatively a niche market. Intel processors are not more expensive in South Korean than in the United States. I can have a Celeron D0 processor rated at 2.4GHz based on Prescott core for a little over US$50 from one of the thousands of retailers in Seoul, and that’s it and it works greatly for the majority of PC users in South Korea. From all I know, the manufacturing cost of a PX-716A can’t be too much compared to a Celeron Prescott processor. Just for the curious, Plextor DVD writers are not that more expensive than NEC DVD writers at some levels. It’s the retail side where prices differ by multiple times. However, most distributors want NEC instead of Plextor simply because even a difference of US$5 per unit is very significant to their eyes.

As for the AutoStrategy, personally I wouldn’t mind much wasting several media of each type if it could improve at least on SOME of the media I try. It’s worth the trying and it justifies the high price of a PX-716A. But I doubt it would work for the majority of PC users in terms of unit cost and all the terms like AutoStrategy and PIE/PIF graphs. Plextor chose a path where it can excel rather than trying to compete against Taiwanese and South Korean manufacturers by reducing unit cost every week to be ahead of competitions. And PC DVD burners are going to cost US$20 per unit anytime soon. I can have some well-made 16x dual-format DVD burners for about US$40 without rebates and such if I want at distributor level and OEM and manufacuturing levels are much cheaper (of course not just a few, but hundreds minimum to thousands at least.) Between US$10 and US$20 will be the turning point towards Blu-ray and HD-DVD from DVD as it was with CD-ROM drives, CD-R burner drives, DVD-ROM drives, CD-R/DVD-ROM “combo” drives, and it would be more like US$30 to US$50 for slim-type DVD burners for notebooks. Plextor didn’t try to introduce a US$10 CD burner to stay in the market but instead released the Premium drive which still costs over US$100 in some markets.

And they wrote themselves forever into the history of CD-writers !!!

So , what is wrong with going against the grain , making a new “Premium-like” DVD-writer that can excell in lessening errors ??? :confused:

Sure , You can get fine DVD-writers (like NEC & BenQ) able to write (more than) sufficiently OK , but if I prefer to have a large glass of a smooth Whiskey I will choose a triple distilled Irish since I can’t stand scotch Whisky (that smoky and/or peaty taste gives me heartburn :Z ) for more than a sip … :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

pratz , everyone at Plextor-forum was worried about this burner , but it seems to be something we had no experience with before !

Plextor DVD writers have nothing to do with their CD burners.
BenQ makes better quality burns than Plextor 716 and can burn @16X speed as well. In two or three months they will release the 1650 drive and I doubt that PX-716A can equal that with new FW releases. Paying more for a worse drive is not a wise thing I guess. I wouldn’t have done that myself, but got this Plex for Xmas present… :bigsmile:

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Going back to what Kenshin was saying, I think Plextor has chosen a winning strategy - make the best, even if it costs a premium. Given the choice between a BMW 5-series and a Honda Civic, most people will choose the BMW. Sure, the Honda is dependable and cheap, but it doesn’t provide nearly the bells and whistles and overall satisfaction that the Beemer does.

Owner’s of Plextor drives don’t mind paying premium because they know they are getting what they pay for, much like a BMW. If you try to build a cheaper Honda Civic than Honda, you are always going to lose and you’re not going to make much profit, so why not build one better and charge more for it?

Erdoke mentions that his Benq can burn better than the PX-716A at higher speeds. This is true for now. The Benq is a great drive, I own one too.

But with time, and I’m not talking 6 months when new products will start coming out, the PX-716A will take the lead. At lower speeds it is already exceptional.

If you visit an ODD factory, you are likely to receive a free DVD writer instead of a free drink. :slight_smile: (An HDD if it’s an HDD factory, but of course no refrigerator or 80-inch TV even if you walk 10km around the whole site.)


Whether to call PX-716A a winner or not depends on where you look at. If you look at the market share, clearly LG and Samsung are the leaders. Lite-On IT and BenQ are the next group. If you look at profitability, Toshiba, Philips, Plextor, Sanyo, Matsushita, Hitachi, and some other Japanese companies will be mostly on the top seats.

In the long run, Samsung’s strategy will prove to be most effective. (For now, none of my Samsung DVD writers are worth US$10 per unit, nearly garbages as far as I am concerned because they just take my time.) Short-term profitability on a small scale is not really important for some people.

Should I be Ironic and say : Hey , Thanks very much for the info :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ! or qoute myself again :

Probably 98 % of people in here understood that I meant creating an extraordinary burner (B it CD or DVD …) with superior performance & unique qualities like a Plextor Premium (sadly You can’t argue on Plextors CDwriting quality , erdoke :wink: ) and that 716 HOPEFULLY will show up to be the ugly duckling !!! (that turned into A Swan , in case You have forgotten the danish story ! :bigsmile: )

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And they wrote themselves forever into the history of CD-writers !!!
That was a good line , right ? Very US-like , a trailer to the new PX-men :

716 woke up from a loooong bad dream , he NOW knew enough to get results and together with Tools , Nero , BW , some Alcohol and Clooney ; they would stop all the evil moneyburners … YeeeeHaw ! :stuck_out_tongue: