Doubts humidity long term storage optical medias

The CDR / DVDR / MDisc useful life estimate stored in dvds cases black and dvds cases stored in bags closed and bags inside closed box cardboard: if on a few days or months of the year the humidity is 70/80/90% because of rain station and in the other part of the year dry months the humidity is between 40-65% This period of 40-65% can compensate for the high humidity of 70/80/90% and give a balance in the useful life expectancy of these disks or not if the disc has 70/80/90% humidity it will die early independent even though In the other part of the year the humidity is lower? The temperature at the time of the rains is 28 or 29ºC the temperature in the dry days is 31-36ºC

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For M Disc, this article is a pretty interesting read on how well it copes when deliberately left out in the weather. I tried a similar experiment in the past comparing various recordable CDs and DVDs and every disc was ruined after a month, however, I have not tried it with an M Disc.

High humidity damage is progressive. Even short periods of high humidity will cause damage over time, much like repetitively placing a film through an X-Ray scanner will progressively damage the film bit by bit. Maintaining a low humidity level will not reverse damage, but it will prevent any further degradation.

To keep the humidity under control, I suggest placing the discs in plastic storage containers with a large fresh (300g+) rechargeable silica gel pack and a digital hygrometer placed up against the side of each container. Check the reading every couple of months and recharge the silica gel once the reading hygrometer reading approaches 50%.

I have a digital hygrometer and I did a test, put it inside a closed plastic bag tied up and I put the bag inside a cardboard box, put the box in a ventilated room, I realized that when it rains the humidity goes up quickly in Of the bag (70, 80, 90%) and when it does not rain and the day is dry the humidity goes down slowly and after a few days it equals or stays close to the humidity of the external environment

I keep my cds / dvds / dvdr mdisc verbatim inside dvd cases, I keep the case inside a closed bag (to avoid insects and dust), I keep the bag inside a closed box and keep the box in a ventilated environment then the conditions Are the same as the bag with hygrometer

I still suggest putting a desiccant pack as that will adsorb the moisture as it makes its way inside, something like this product.

I have one in a plastic storage container I use for storing my DSLR camera and a few lenses. My Dad who had a film SLR camera ended up with “lens rot” due to the high humidity.

The humidity level generally is generally around 55% in the house, kept in check with a dehumidifier. Very rarely does it ever dip below 50%. It’s currently 56% at the moment:

However, with a large desiccant pack in the storage box, it keeps the humidity level below 50% for about a year depending how often I open the box to use the camera. It’s currently 43% and it’s been at least 6 months since I recharged the silica gel pack:

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This box prevents moisture from entering, I think to buy the box, is there any plastic bag that prevents moisture from entering?

The problem with silica is that it saturates very fast here even if I put it inside the bag I mentioned, I do not have the patience to change the silica several times

You can try large vacuum storage bags, which are designed to seal out the air and moisture for storing clothes. You don’t need to vacuum out the air. I still recommend putting in a fresh silica gel pack to collect any moisture that gets in whenever the bag is opened.

Silica gel can adsorb quite a lot of moisture, especially the ones intended for demisting car windows. These are a lot bigger than the tiny silica gel packs bundled with shoes, etc:

Based on weighing the above Pingi before and after I microwave it, it adsorbs about 60ml of water, i.e. 4 of them would adsorb a full coffee mug. It takes 6 minutes in the microwave and once it cools, it’s ready to use again. I regularly do this with the above pack I have in my car to keep the windscreen clear on cold mornings.

Open and ventilated environment has any use in reducing and controlling humidity?

Does this pingi have an unlimited duration of absorption?

I do not have any equipment and bag sealer, I keep my cds and dvd and old videogames inside common bags and in closed boxes

If a dvdr mdisc verbatim has an expectation of 1332 years stored at 25 ° C 50% RH what would be the approximate expectation of it if stored from January to May with humidity between 90, 80, 70% 31 ° C (morning) 32-36 ° C (late ) 32ºC (night) every day and from May to December at 40-56% 31 (morning) 32-36ºC (afternoon) 32ºC (night) every day?

On millenniata’s website has a longevity test table in different conditions but my conditions are a bit higher (90, 80% RH)

    15 °C 20°C 25 °C 30 °C 35°C 40 °C 

30% RH 16969 6880 2875 1237 547 248 years
50% RH 7865 3189 1332 573 253 115 years
70% RH 3646 1478 618 266 117 53 years