"Doubt for coming best perfomance !"

Is the 52x24x52 good as the other Lite-on’s?
(DAE , Raw DAO writing, subchannel reading and writing)
or to wait for a test…

Every new technology (in this case Chipset 6 support RW 24x +)
have problems in the first products .And firmware maybe is not the solution in every situation .
( eg TDK drives 48x24x48 rumours said problems writing in Ultra speed with the available in retail CDRW ,also Yamaha drives make noise-high spin when writing in RW ,and firmware not fix this problem until now.Also similar there is not officially new firmware for TDK drives (as i have read) to make better perfomance for example . Of course you have see the no success
in the market of 48x16x48 drives…

I just also read this review: