Doubt about Microsoft Certifications

Hello everyone,
I need some suggestions because I’m in the moment to take a decision and really don’t know what to do.
I already took A+ /Network+ certifications and keep going for the next level. The problem is: Which Microsoft certification should be the right one? The ultimate ones are MCTS/MCITP and supposedly are equivalents to MCSA/MCSE, but most of businesses still keep windows XP and server 2003, even 2000 in some cases… I’m not sure if it should be a good decision to take windows 7 and server 2008 or taking MCSA/MCSE and later an upgrade to MCTS/MCITP.
Another thing: it’s not clear (at least for me) the exams equivalence between MCSA/MCSE and MCTS/MCITP. I know the following:
Exams to get MCSA:
Windows XP Professional
Windows Server 2003 Server Management
Windows Server 2003 Network Management
Plus these to get the MCSE:
Windows Server 2003 Network Planning
Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Planning
Windows 2000 Directory Services Design
I’m new in this field, the question marks are because they don’t seem to be equivalents. In the Microsoft website they give a lot of information and exams numbers, but I’m lost. Any clarification or help will be appreciated.

I don’t believe I’ve seen a discussion on this subject here at MyCE. You will have quicker answers if you post this at Ars Technica, in their MS software forum.