Double your downstream data rate


Just thought I’d let you know of something that can improve your internet speeds…

Most people have a BT master socket in there home, these are quite old and aren’t really designed for ADSL. To keep it simple, when you have a microfilter, both the telephone and the modem aren’t properly shielded causing both to suffer, ie affected data rate and noise on your telephone line.

I recently installed thisfaceplate which properly shields both your modem and your phoneline, you can either plug your adsl modem into the adsl slot on it, or wire your phone extension that you use for the ADSL up to the filtered A B junctions on the back, so you can get it filtered upstairs or wherever your extensions are.

I have an ‘up 8mb’ package, and my data rate went from ~3000 to ~6000, pretty good eh? and now i hear no noise on my phoneline :slight_smile:

IF you wana see if it’ll improve your speed, remove your mastersocket faceplate (it has to be one like this ) and plug your microsplitter>adsl modem in there, if you see increased downstream, then this faceplate will most likely improve your downstream rate.


that sounds good chris, i’ve a wee problem with this, as my internet is off of a slave in the back bedroom

What do you mean by a slave, do you mean an extension? If so that is fine, you just wire up the extension to the filtered ports on the back of the faceplate, then, you can just microsplit the extension, and plug ur adsl in, that is what I am doing, works fine! Only drawback is taht you cannot use ur phone on the extension you filtered, only your adsl modem.

ahh, sods law here, i’ve a phone off of that extension aswell