Double sided dvd onto one dual layer disc?


I have a original goodfellas dvd which is double sided ( I’m guessing they weren’t using doulbe layer pressed back in the day)

I know it’s possible to copy the contents of each side to the p.c …but is it possible to incorporate both sides of the disc onto 1 double layer dvd
( without shrinking etc)

Ifso what would software would I need to join the 2 sides and burn it as one file…? ie so that I would not have to press anything ofr the second half to play.

Recently have been informed about dvdfab…will this do it…?

Thanks for any info.

The link you provided does not work?

Also I do not wish to shrink the video at all

DVDShrink does a lot more than just compress.That’s only one of it’s functions.You can choose “no compression” in Reauthor mode.Like most programs there’s a lot to learn.
I’m sure chef was trying to link you to a tutorial.& doesn’t want to give oneevery time the same question is asked.
But with shrink you should be able to rip the files from each side.I’m not sure if shrink can then put them on a double layer I have never tried.
Try this one:

rip each side of the disk, then use imgburn in build mode

This will not work. If the OP doesn’t care about retaining menus, DVD Shrink is the way to go. Otherwise, DvdReMake (Pro) can combine the 2 sides of DVD with full DVD functionality of each side. Then use Imgburn to burn to DL.

sorry bout the confusion…should have made it clearer, i meant rip each side and put thru shrink (reauthor) then imgburn build mode

You’d need to re-author without compression. Even then, the movie would have a big pause in it as it moves to Title 2. Merging the titles would be the way to go here (I actually have this DVD and it is what I would do). Ner0 Recode or DVD2One can merge easily. Or use VobEdit.


I just wanted to throw in that whichever method you use, the combined output is likely to be larger than a dual-layer disc can hold, so you may still need to compress the resulting combined disc. The capacity of a dual-layer DVD is smaller than that of two single layers.

Sorry, the link posted got demonized. :frowning:

Thanks guys…gonna go with dvd2one or dvdremakepro…cheers Les and toaddub.