Double sided dvd onto a single disc?

Hi guys.
I have searched the forums with no luck so here is ny question…
I have a double sided (not dual layer) DVD of Armageddon that i purchased
last xmas.
I want to back this up to a single DVD’R.
I have used Shrink dvd and Clone dvd in the past many times for my other films without a problem.
Can anyone tell me how I rip the files from both sides of the disc and put them onto a single disc?
Do I need to re-author them? make a menu?
Can it be done?

Xray34 :confused:

A double sided DVD is formatted as if it were two separate discs. Each side has it’s own ISO/UDF file system. I think it would be much easier to just copy each side to a DVD-R/RW.

Use DVDShrink to rip both sides and the next steps are here:

But be warned that there will be a drop in quality. You really are better off copying each side to its own new DVD.

I looked at the guide but I am still confused as to how to re-author the dvd menu system so that it plays correctly?

I use Shrink DVD 3.1 and the menu system does not appear to work the same as the version in the guide.

Am I being to picky and should i just put the 2 main movie file on 1 dvdr and leave it at that?

Thanks for all your help so far guys.

Xray34 :slight_smile: