Double sided DL discs

Do they make these or was that just a theory in the beginning of DVD? It would be cool to have 17 GB on one disc. :cool:

Even double sided single layer discs have almost completely vanished.
Only a few manufacturers with questionable quality (FAKE MCC, Moser Baer made by Mirex Russia) and some left-over Verbatim MIS stock that costs an arm and a leg are still available. :frowning:

So, you’re out of luck.
Just get some Blu-ray instead :wink:

i’ve got a unopened package of these that i never got the chance to use.double sided,single layer. what do you need to use them for?? i’d love to use these up. :iagree:

I found some double sided single layer DVD’s on Ebay, but no double sided DL discs.

e.g .

There are no DS DL (DVD18) recordable discs.
DVD10 is out and almost vanished since a while, DVD-R (DVD10).


the description says TYG02
the cakebox does not look like TY (but damrotech often uses wrong photos)
50 pcs @ 20€ is a very low price I think - suspicious

Suspicious at least.
I doubt that these are genuine TY, as TY is usually very conservative with introducing non-mainstream disc types.

AFAIK whilst double sided single layer recordables were available (at outrageous prices) for a while (and may even still be) no double sided dual layer recordable has ever been made available for consumer purchase.

In fact. I have only once ever seen a double sided dual layer pressed commercial disc, that being a commercial rental dvd of the movie Ben Hur.

I think also some Rodrigez movie came as DVD18. :wink: