Double NTFS?

Well I just downloaded an .img file. I want it unrarred sort of speak. Mine pc exists out of 2 different hd’s 1. for windows (20 gb fat-sys ) 2. for my crap and over a few gig files ( 140 gb NTFS ).

Now the problem is I can’t get file unpacked 'cause every it gives me that annoying diagnostic window and I unpacked it at " the crap hd " :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone has some aswers thank you ver much.

If you’re using Winrar I think it has a default work folder which you’ll have to point to your NTFS disk.

I’m guessing that that is the problem as your description of it is rather vague.

Well the problem is that my second hard drive is a NTFS disk but I can’t unpack that specific .img on my hd

I’m guessing while you’re in Windows you can’t use that ntfs drive? Depending on your operating system it may not see a ntfs drive. Maybe you might want to try NTFS for Windows 98. At one time i had a similar problem but rather than go through all of this i just converted all my drives to ntfs. I was using win xp though.

Sorry , so what you’ve actually got is the IMG file. I sort of read it that this was rarred up.

You have several ways of dealing with this.

Typically you would burn this straight to a Cd or DVD depending on the image type.
However, it can be mounted on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools & then accessed through explorer.
Or you could open it up with the likes of MagicISO, ULtraISO or ISOBuster.

Have I now understood the problem correctly?