Double Layer spindles?



Anyone acquiring spindles of Double Layer media yet?

I found this pic on the Philips website:


i haven’t seen any of those anywher, they probably go for $150 each LOL.


I’ve only seen them in 5 pcs. pack for €35 and also Verbatims (same MID) in 5 and 10 pcs. packs yet…
I wonder how they try to protect the writable surface of the media in a spindle for real.


i’ve only seen Verbatim 2.4 DLs in 3 packs with jewel cases usually for around $30.


If only these were avail in retail at a good price. I hate the fact they are extorting us so badly. Reminds me of gas prices just before a long weekend.


if you hold a spindle up to the light and look at it from the side you will see that the discs are not touching only the hubs at the center actually touch. i just checked 4 spindles of mine and the only ones where they were even close is some crappy overprint discs i have.


Good point. I only mentioned it because some manufacturers also shrink & wrap the media in spindles too which will not increase their quality IMO. :wink: