Double Layer Rewritable DVD's

i wonder if these exist, how much and where they are available?

They don’t exist yet outside the R&D departments of optical drive/media manufacturers.

There are no drives on the market yet that will write such media, and it’s very doubtful that existing drives will be able to read such discs.

In my opinion DVD+/-RW DL are too late to market, and will suffer a quiet death.

If they come alive to the public, +RW DL will really suffer, -RW DL is the better format in any case.

I can’t get search to work, but I remember posting somewhere here about DLRWs and what drage has said is true, they will require a new drive when they hit the market. I am also with drage given the advent of BR and HDDVD they realy won’t be worth the bother.

Why that? I thought +R DL would be better than -R DL so why would it be different with RW?