Double Layer Rebooting



Here is a real beauty- I burn using Verbatim +DL and with Image Burn v1.2, leave the computer on as I have always done. I come back to find the computer has rebooted in the middle of the burn rendering my disk useless. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them? Can anybody give an explanation for this behavior. I have noticed that my +DL burns of late are slowly getting worse and come to think of so are my single layer disks.

Below I have provided two scans of the same disk the first at 8x and then at 4x.
Notice the big difference, considering the scan speeds should I keep this disk or not. This is the last +DL disk that I managed to burn outright and also the same disk that I am trying to reburn and now gives me the above problem.

Also can someone state the difference in performance between the two above scans and how this impacts finally when watched on TV.


Computer reboots by itself usually means there’s a system/driver conflict, memory error, power supply needs checking, etc.

Interesting scan comparison there, mauroo. Based on the second scan at 4x, I would keep the disc. You can also try to perform Transfer Rate test if there’s any playback issue, especially at layer break. If Transfer test curve is smooth, keep the disc.


The event viewer could give more info about…


Thanks chef.

To run Event Viewer: right click My Computer > Manage > System Tools > Event Viewer. :slight_smile: