Double Layer +R Disc Maxed out at .8 Gb -?

I am in the process of transferring a bunch of titles from my
Pioneer DVR-650H-K’s hdd onto Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer 8x discs. I have added around a dozen titles, all under 3 minutes each. The green bar says the Copy List total is 0.8 Gb and the disc has a capacity of 8.0 Gb remaining~! Yet it won’t let me add any more titles because the rest of the free space is needed for disc management something or other (I don’t remember the exact popup wording), which I take it to mean thumbnails, chapters, titles, menu. But seriously, is that stuff taking up 90% of my disc?! The total size of all titles is only 1.2 gb and it’s under 1 hour as is. Am I missing something?

What burning software are you using?

[QUOTE=Whappo;2598806]What burning software are you using?[/QUOTE]

Unix, I think. I am burning from my standalone/home theater Pioneer DVR-650H-K’s hard drive to a disc on the same Pioneer HDD/DVD recorder. I tried to copy the same titles on a single layer +R Verbatim disc and could add no more than 0.8 gb. The Pioneer does support Double/Dual Layer discs and even specifies that Verbatim/MCC DL discs are compatible.

The owner’s manual

[QUOTE=Whappo;2598806]What burning software are you using?[/QUOTE] The original poster’s Pioneer DVR-650H-K is a standalone HDD/DVD recorder, so he(?) is using it’s built-in software.

Check page 35 of your manual about HDD Video mode compatibility. Other than that I don’t see much info about transferring to DVD. I’m not sure if the option is there when copying from HD, but don’t use VR mode.