Double-Layer Query

“Compatibility with 8.5GB Double Layer media is included. This is the first Pioneer DVD writer that can write to Dual Layer media.”

Does this mean that half the data is written on one side of the disc and the other half is written on the 2nd side of the disc. i.e. you would have to turn the disc around in the DVD player to view the rest of the data?

What is the difference between Double Layer and Dual Layer (as stated on svp)?

Both layers are on the same side of the disc.

Thanks, but yet what is the difference (if any) between Double Layer and Dual Layer (as stated on svp)?

The terms are interchangable. Double sided discs are different from double/dual layer discs.

“double layer” is the name choosen by DVD+RW Alliance for their dual/double layer dvd+r.

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Pioneer DVR-108 & NEC 3500 are both stated to be Double Layer DVDR Drives. However, what does it mean by the NEC 3500 also being labeled as having ‘Dual-Layer Technology’ on the side picture (see above link)?

Also, can the above drives write DVD +/- RW? or only DVD +/- R?

Double Layer = Dual Layer. Both drives can write Dual Layer media (8.5GB capacity).
Both drives can write +/-R and +/-RW.

Nothing special about that “Dual Layer Technology” label. Both of them have that. That’s just an example of marketing gone berserk :stuck_out_tongue:

“Dual Layer” is the term used for DVD-ROM media that has two layers but is one sided, meaning that the laser adjusts itself to read through one layer to read the next.

“Double layer” is the same thing, only its the term that the DVD RW Group uses for their dual layer technology. Its the same thing - just a different take on the name. Maybe they trademarked it. :slight_smile: The disc holds 8.5GB across the two layers.

“Double sided” media are basically two single layer discs stuck together with the write layers exposed. This is the kind of disc you have to flip: 4.37 GB each side.

Any drive can write double sided media, because its just single layer media. The user just needs to take the disc out and flip it over. Its no different than two single layer discs.

Dual layer (or “Double Layer” as you’ll most likely see on the packaging) media can only be written by certain burners. You will see that they advertise support for “DVD+R DL” or “double layer” media. These drives include the NEC ND-2510A, NEC ND-3500A, Lite-On SOHW-832S, Sony DRU-700A, HP 530i, TDK 1616, Pioneer DVR-A08/DVR-108, and others.

Yes, the drives you mentioned can write DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, and DVD-R.

Thankyou all very much. That’s cleared that up for me. One more thing:

Are Retail Film DVD’s 7.95 or 8.5 gb? if they are 7.95 then will any DVD player read a 8.5 gb DVD. I’m planning on backing-up all my VHS tapes onto DVD with menu’s and edits.

DVD-9 media (dual layer DVD-ROMs) hold 7.95 GB.

No, not all set top DVD players will read recordable dual layer media. Even those that do may have trouble reading or dealing with the second layer. It depends on the drive.

If you are recording dual layer discs, its important that your writer changes the booktype to DVD-ROM, which will make it more compatible with set top DVD players. Though depending on the player, other issues may arise.

You can learn more about booktype by searching the forum. There are also “stickies” at the top of the forums about it.

7.95GB is approximately 8.5 billion bytes.