Double-Layer on BTC Firmware?!?!

In an german Computer-Magazin says that the :

BENQ DW822A can burn with a firmware-update !(It cames in autumn) :eek:

Then you can burn double-layer DVD´s!!

Does it function on the BTC burner ??
Comes a double-layer firmware??

Is double-layer = dual-layer ??(I don´t know??!!??)


City of Industry, CA (March 29 , 2004) - BenQ introduced the DW822A DVD+/-RW double-layer, upgradeable drive. The DW822A drive will be firmware upgradeable to support DVD+R double-layer recording. The drive has been designed with a firmware upgrade feature to allow it to become a 2.4X DVD+R double-layer recordable drive.

The BenQ DW822A delivers superior functionality and performance. It will instantly double the data storage capacity on DVD recordable discs from 4.7GB to 8.5GB, and also allows for DVD backup on a single DVD disc without compromising quality. The DW822A features both dual DVD+/-RW recording capabilities, as well as an advanced version of QVideo 2.0 to provide a simple DV/TV/AV to DVD tool. In addition, it boasts an 8MB internal buffer for seamless writing of DVDs.

"The DW822A allows users to experience seamless, real-time recording from multiple video sources, said Jessica Chou, vice president of Optical Storage at BenQ America Corp. “When double-layer recordable media become available, one can easily upgrade the content easily and confidently with the BenQ DW822A drive. As one of the first double-layer re-writers available in the marketplace, consumers can enjoy the convenience of next-generation technology today.”

The DW822A features 8x DVD+R/RW write, 4x DVD+R/RW rewrite, 4x DVD-R/RW write, 2x DVD-R/RW rewrite, 12x DVD read, 24x CD-R write, 10x CD-RW rewrite and 40x CD read speeds. In addition to its ability to provide fast, reliable burns, the BenQ DW822A supports the broadest range of DVD formats and utilizes the IDE interface, giving users easy access to the convenience of DVD burning without the worry of compatibility issues.

I suppose it won’t be able to use on BTC drive with BenQ firmware. Two different drives.

And double layer = dual layer. The official name (of +R9, dual layer, double layer) has been announced in Spring with Double Layer.

Yep, highly unlikely that it would work :frowning:

I suppose he meant whether BTC would end up providing dual-layer support in their current drives’ firmware, and/or if the drives are physically fit for dual-layer burning.

NEC have new firmaware to convert a 2500A to double-layer(2510A)

here you can download the firmaware:

is in spanish sorry

Hy Guy´s

i found this post in the nec forum

i think it´s the same for btc drives

btc can not burn with good quali on normal 4,7 discs.
how could this be that he burns on DL??loll

Actually, according to Germany’s Computer Bild magazine, the write quality is near the top (for 1004 and 1008), especially for +R. (Issue 11/2004, test of blank DVDs with a variety of drives) Liteon is near (or at) the bottom.

the 1004 is allready no. 1 at testcenter since 09/2003.

Its funny the most people who say that the b6tc 1004 im is crap have had bad luck with the drive or using cheap medias or something or dont even have a btc drive g
The drive works fine and no problems so far it burns the most media but not all(especially bad fabricated media) thanks to the compatibility list im on the save side.

Now, Doom9 says it is also possible to upgrade a " LiteOn SOHW-812S (8x dual format) te upgraden naar een SOHW-832S-brander ". Read the forum on:
Thus, it must be possible for the BTC 1004 or 1008.

What exactly makes you think so?

Regards, Martin A

BTC… make the 1008IM dual layer with firmware… make one!

That would be AWESOME!!

Not gonna happen Dudes…
They just couldn’t do it, or better yet, they wouldn’t do it.

Too bad tho… if BTC supports dual-layer firmware upgrade, it would surely catch the market’s interest over Lite-On.

I always buy Lite-On writers because:

  1. they’re dead silent
  2. no pathetic media compatibility issues (i.e. multiple firmware upgrades)
  3. they are “upgrade-able” :slight_smile:
  4. they used to be the cheapest (pre BTC, Cyberdrive, etc.)

Other features I would like included in the new firmware:

  • blue laser read and write capability
  • support for old 33 rpm vinyl records
  • a route planner
  • a 300 gig hard drive function
  • something to keep beer cool while computing
  • a parrot silencer

Pls let me know when it is ready.



:iagree: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool: :smiley: :bigsmile:

You´re so silly boy!!