Double layer image

I need help creating a image from a double layer disk

Try It’s free.

There is also a forum there with how to use guides.

thanks Ill try it .
I have tried nero 6
dvd decrypter
and dvd shrink

I use ImgBurn to make dual layer back ups of my movies a lot and it works great.

Now if your disc has copy protection on it then you will need AnyDVD or something to use with it.

If this dual layer disk is encrypted, like most commercial dvds are, you’ll have to decrypt it first.

DVDFab HD Decrypter can decrypt and rip to the hard drive as an ISO file. Found here:

On the target line, hit the last icon that looks like a disk on a folder to get it to output as an ISO.

If it isn’t encrypted, then ImgBurn can read it and make one for you as Rolling has already mentioned. ImgBurn is very good for burning iso files too.

[QUOTE=leaker196245;1959975]I need help creating a image from a double layer disk[/QUOTE]

So what exactly is on the source disk? :slight_smile: