Double layer DVD's & Writers

Hi folks,

Wonder if you can help me, I am looking at purchasing a Dual layer DVD recorder and fancy the NEC 2510A as its cheap and anything from NEC I have had or friends have had is been very good.

Is there any other makes below £100 that I should consider?

I just wondered if anyone is using a dual layer recorder.

I was at PC-WORLD this morning checking to see if the dual layer discs were availble, and they were and at the price I bought 2 packs, but they only sell the Sony recorder at £150 I thought it was expensive and the reviews were not that good either.

I think the guy at the counter made a mistake as a 5 pack was available at £16.99 which according to PC worlds web site are selling at £14.99 each disk.

The problem I think was PC world didnt have them priced on on the computer system yet, they often make mistakes like this, I got nero 6 at less than half price due to price label error.

I only bought two packs as I am a bit skint at the minute, I have offered a pack on e-bay if anyone wants to have alook.


Where have you been living…
Don’t go to PC World unless you like throwing your money out of the window…
Try looking at these sites to find what you want.
Also I’d only consider three drives personally they are
NEC 2510
Lite-on sohw-812s
Pioneer 107/a07
No-one drive is better than the other though I’d personally go for the lite-on due to all the official and unofficial software and support for this drive.



Thanks for your reply, I only go to PC World to see whats in and if they have made any mistakes.

This is how I often get some bargains, the links have proved useful though and I may use them for buying the DVD writer and consumables.

I did notice that they were not selling Dual layer discs well (one link to at £49.00 for 5 pack, none in stock though) , I was told by Verbatim that they would initially only be supplying PC world due to limited availability.

I bought two packs of 5 Double layer discs, one of which I have placed on e-bay.

The Cost of the Dual layer discs at the minute are very expensive, however PC WORLD messed up I think and supplied the packs of 5 for £16.99, yet there web site says its £14.99 a disc (~£75 for 5). Maybe worth a visit to PC world to see if they still selling at £16.99 by mistake).

This error by the member of staff at the time was probably due to the fact that the double layer discs were so new that the prices were not on their computer system, and took it as DVD+R 5 pack price, not taken into account that they were double layer.

If you know of anywhere that is selling the double layer discs cheaper I would be interested.

However I need to concentrate on buying a writer first.