Double layer DVD vs DL DVD, is there a difference (Backing movie up issue)

Hi, I have some Memorex Double Layer DVD+R disc ( (I know Verbatim are better, but this is what was given to me) and a NEC ND-3520A dual layer writer:

I am having a problem backing up a movie on a double layer disc with DVDShrink, this is the first DVD I’ve ever tried outside of a single layer one. I am using DVDShrink (I set it to an 8.5 GB DVD) because I wanted to remove the title menus and only have the movie and special features I want and languages I want. Anyway, after DVDShrink 3.2 gets done encoding the movie I get an error stating that I am using the wrong format of media. It says that it is expecting a DVD-R/RW or a DVD+R/RW and that it found a CD-R. Why in the world would it say I am trying to write to a CD-R when I have a DVD in the drive?

That leads me to my question, is there a difference between Double Layer DVD and a DL DVD media? Is that my problem? The specs on my DVD writer says DL. Is that just shorthand for double layer is it a different format (dual layer)?

If the double layer/DL isn’t my problem, can someone help me with what might be my problem? Thanks.

Double Layer or DL DVD should be the same, dvdshrink isn’t a burning app. I’d recommend to select in shrink as output ISO then burning with IMGBurn which could handle very well with DL media also i’d check if you’ve the latest firmware for your drive.

Ok, thanks. So try to burn with this:

Thanks, Imgburn worked just fine. Must have been NERO screwing me up. Thanks.