Double Layer DVD+RW format under development?

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of problems involving the low reflectivity of RW media it’s been disputable
whether a rewritable double/dual layer DVD format would ever be developed. It
looks like the DVD+RW…

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Wasn’t that a miracle that DVD+R DL discs were even released? Based on their high price tag, they do not appear that they will ever be economical at all, can we really expect anything from this to happen?

Yeah, DL RW seems a bit silly when the DL R media remains so unreasonably priced. My thinking is that cheap DL media will be coming, but not until BluRay and HDDVD are on the shelves. But that should be soon as I’m already seeing ads around here. The big PC market in Taipei is decorated with a big banner ad from Sony that is already touting 100Gig dual layer BluRay along with 16X DVDRs. Major vapor ware to be sure, but the fact that they bothered to put up such an ad in such a conspicuous location says something. So, I the next generation stuff is coming along. When that’s in place I’d expect dual layer DVD to get cheap and that will be the beginning of the end of the DVD market because DL DVD plus home non-pc based recorders will make wide-scale back-ups of DVD rentals become far more widespread. Sure does suck to wait so long though.

I personnally do not think it will ever happen. Ever tought of how demand for such discs at a low price would be incredible? And still, only Ritek, Ricoh and Verbatim ever manufacture discs, with Ritek media being of incredibly poor quality. It’s just I think some sort of hack of this technology that was never supposed to ever happen. I think the ways to produce these discs are far too much complicated and expensive to ever make it commercialy viable. I would not think it’s because of pressure from Hollywood studios or such, I also don’t think these have any impact on such manufacturers, the problem’s probably much simpler. Of course I hope it will go mainstream, but maybe it will bring way too much suspision about piracy (like you said) and we get our fair share of such unfair suspicion already, imagine if DL discs make DVD backups so easy, everyone and their cousins would buy those. Does anyone knows if any other manufacturers are ever interested to develop DL discs? I don’t think Blu-Ray “focus” explains this lack of supply, I think instead media manufacturers would be all over it and make billions because of the incredible demand that would inevitably ensue.

I think people that copy movies usually do it because they like the movie and want to keep a copy. DL+/-R is fine for that. I think +/-RW is most useful and would be mostly used for computer backups.

Yeah, I know my theory seems to imply a sort of paranoid consipiracy as though the media producers were owned by the content companies and that’s obviously not true. But it might be something a bit more subtle yet with similar results. I do know this though, as a long-term resident of Taiwan, I was getting blank DVD media for less than twenty cents over a year ago and I know that wasn’t the case in other places like the States. It’s not a consipiracy, there are real reasons for price differences but dramatic changes can happen fast for all sorts of reasons and I was told by local sellers that they expect DL prices to drop hard in the near future. They’re about six bucks here still and they told me to expect about half that soon. Now that’s just a rumor, but that’s what I was told and coupled with the ads there at Guan Hua market for 100Gig DL BluRay media and the reports at Digitimes saying non-PC DVD recorders supposedly going craczy this year it seemed like there might be a relationship between all those things.

Booktype DVD+RW DL ?? :o:o

I tought it was really weird for an admin to act like this on march 31; and then I realized the gaps between the timezone I was in and CDFreaks’. :wink:

Let’s get the facts straight. Dual layer isn’t very expensive to produce. The reason for the high prices is to cover the development costs and the monopoly of the market. The price has come down to $6 which is half what it was when it was introduced. Expect more drops when competition from DL -R enters the market. If it’s not economically viable why are they using dual layer for recordable discs in blu-ray and hd-dvd. I hope this answers your cynical views of dual layer :slight_smile:
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