Double Layer DVD+R // International Shipping to Turkey


I am sorry to disturb you asking this question in first thread,
but I am getting crazy day by day that I can’t find a solution.

For many weeks, I have been searching for an online shopping site which can ship blank DL DVD+R media internationally, especially to Turkey, preferably by Fedex, Ups etc.

It’s very strange that there are no online sites located in Asia, countries like Taiwan, Singapore etc. for blank DL DVD media. Because, these are the main manufacturers for this type of blank media.

Anyway, I suppose to visit and analyse thousands (!) of web sites, including the ones indicated in this topic, too.

On the other hand, for products like Console games, hardware, accessories etc., there are many powerful and reliable sites like “”, “” etc. But, nothing for blank DL DVD media :sad:

What can you suggest me ?
I am ready to pay 20-30 Usd shipping cost (even more for express delivery)

Thanks in advance.

Note : Here in Turkey, we can easily buy games, accessories from,, etc.
If the value of the goods is less than 100 Usd, customs clearance is not necessary and the goods can be delivered directly to our addresses even by standart air mail.

WoW, since you are willing to pay that much for shipping, I suggest dont get anything else but Verbatim Brand.

Sorry, I am aint much of a help on this topic but as far as I know, Ebay has it regional Ebay, so you could try Ebay UK or some region that near where you live. Perhaphs there is an Ebay Turkish??. And also has of USA, of UK and of Japan. You could try those. And for USA online retailers, I dont know if they ship internationally but you could try,,,, Good luck and I dont recommend anything else but Verbatim since you are paying a really high price for it. Hope other CDFreakers have a better answer to your question.

I believe meritline ships internationally but I wouldn’t trust them to do it. My recommendation would be a couple of UK sites that ship to a bunch of different countries. and Just to go along with what ghettocowboy has said, I concur that Verbatim D/L DVD+R is the only way to go for D/L media at this point.

Thanks for your kind attention and answers.

In fact, the main idea of my thread is to learn whether there are any online shopping sites for blank DL DVD media [U]especially in Far East[/U]. Because, they offer very interesting shipping rates by Fedex.

I still can not understand how can it be possible that there are no online shopping possibility for these items from Far East.
Maybe there are special agreements to prevent competition.

For example, “” offers international shipping by Fedex International, but they ask 165 usd for 50 pack DL DVD !!!
If it was from Far East, they would ask maximum 50 usd for Fedex International and it could be ok for me.

On the other hand, I have already tried ",,,, and so many other ones. However, it’s clear that they are not really interested and well-organized about international shipments.
Maybe ebay sellers can be a little bit better. But, a seller who has more then ten thousand of positive feedbacks has not answered me yet since 4 working days !!!
Moreover, does not accept to ship DL DVD to Turkey !

Anyway, I hope to hear from You any online shopping sites (preferably from Far East) who can offer interesting shipping rates for Fedex, Ups etc. for shipment to Turkey.

Thanks a lot.

Note : I agree with you about choosing Verbatim.

I would like give an additional information which may convince you to help me.

Here are the prices for DL DVD media here in Turkey :

Get ready !

Verbatim 2.4x Dl Dvd+R (there are no 10, 25, 50 packs)

  • 9 Usd/each
  • 7 Usd, if you buy more than 10 pieces

Ritek 2.4x Dl Dvd+R (there are no 10, 25, 50 packs)

  • 8 Usd/each
  • 6 Usd, if you buy more than 10 piece

Your best bet if it is possible is to find a place in Europe, honestly buying from the US would be a dumb move since you are paying to ship items half-way around the world by doing that. I believe there are some Belgian or German sites that might be able to help you out with that.

shipping from the US
20 pack = $40 on sale weighs 14 oz
ship USPS = $15-$30
cost per disk roughly $2.80 - $3.50

plus hastle of the detailed customs form is probably why many companies do not want to deal with Turkey and other countires having such restrictions

Is not economically wise to consider purchasing blank media from USA and even Europe and ship to Turkey why don’t consider buying it from Online outfits from your next door neighbor Dubai (United Arab Emirate) which consider as one big international market Hub for merchandise.

Good idea…
Do you know any online ordering possibility from any web sites located in Dubai ? I have been searching possible online sellers for a while, but I have no results excluding sellers from US and Europe.
Because, Dubai is not a real next door neighbour for us :rolleyes:

I looked on my earth globe
dubai is only 3 inches away from turkey
That makes it your neighbour :wink:

maybe some other members could take a crash course in geography :bigsmile:

Man, this guy wasn’t kidding. I did some digging and couldn’t come up with much in Dubai or Turkey. I did find this UK site who ships to Turkey though. I can’t speak for the site itself since I have never used them. EDIT EEP!!! 113 Euros just for shipping.

Turkey is generally considered as a part of Arabian world; but it’s not.
Having some Arabian neighbours like Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. can make You thinking so.
Of course some Turkish people go to Dubai for shopping as people all around the world do, without any special advantages.

Anyway, the reason that I was looking for DL DVD suppliers from Far East is to have cheaper shipping rates by courriers; however, I understand that it does not seem possible in the short term.

Suppliers around Europe are not attractive; because they prefer to offer hard conditions for Turkey as they are not really interested in selling products to us.

I will keep searching and let you know If I can find a solution.

Note : Here in Turkey, ordinary life expenses are less than US and Europe; however, we pay many times more than You for techonology.
Can you believe that we pay 30 Usd/month for 0,256 Mbit internet connection :sad:

Wow, I was paying $40 a month for a 3Mb connection.

is $30 for 6mb down too much???

256Kbps is about 30KB/s? That’s 40x slower than standard ADSL and 400 times slower than standard 100Mbps “fiber LAN.”

Is shipping from the “Far East” really cheap to Turkey? I thought shipping from and to Western Europe and the United States (with any place in the world except North Korea maybe) is cheapest because of the scale of economy. It takes US$30 at least to ship even very light things like DRAM modules from a (continental) US shop to Seoul by FedEx or DHL or whatever. It’s much cheaper between Japan or Singapore or Hong Kong with most parts of Western Europe and North America.

It’s all about which technology the internet line is based on. Fiber LAN’s one of the most cost-effective solutions to make every home connected. 1Gbps for nearly everyone could cost virtually zero. But since there are still millions of people refusing to upgrade from PSTN phone modems to anything else…

Nice to make your aquaintence
Great web site

Which area and I-net company?

256Kbps is max. 27-28 KB/s and mostly around 25-26 Kbps and the price of 1024Kbps is 105 Usd/month !

Here is a bigger bomb which can make you shocked : the salary for a simple worker (which is called also minimum salary permitted by the government) is about 250-300 Usd/month !

However, in Turkey, life is cheaper than Europe or US.
But, if you want to have something technological, you may pay for it !

On the other hand, when we talk about Istanbul which has 12,5 millions inhabitants, you cannot believe what you see on the streets.
When foreign visitors see numerous luxury cars on the streets (for which we pay %70-80 more than European people), they think that Istanbul seems richer than many European cities.

Anyway, regarding the shipping rates from Far East to Turkey; for example If I buy 2 Xbox360 games from, they ask around 30 usd for Fedex which delivers to my address within 2-3 days.

For instance, If I buy Verbatim 20 pack DL DVD from Far East, shipping by Fedex should not cost more than 30-35 Usd which is quite acceptable for me to receive my parcel within 2-3 days without any problems.

May you want to consider buying it and shipping it from Israel which is still can be said they are your neighbor and due to the distance, shipping may be cheaper…