Double Layer DVD how to burn w/o layer break

Hey I need some help
how do I burn a Double Layer DVD w/o a layer break in the middle of something? I am trying to re-author two dvds with DVDShrink, how do I make sure the layer break isn’t in the middle of something?

I’ve found a handy program which supports dual-layer burning, however the media will run you at the cheapest $2.40/disc. But by burning dual layer, you can do a perfect 1:1 copy of a DVD. Most burners support dual layer burning, check if yours does. Anyway, the program is called XCopy9, and you can get it at .

Give it a shot and let us know how you do. =)

LOL.I have xcopy9. LOL. I just found out who did the development on that. Good for them.

…what? Who did the development on it? And why are you laughing all the time? Are you from AOL? Be careful, people might start to suspect that you’re a spammer if you keep making worthless posts like that when you’re new to a forum… And while I certainly won’t pretend to be an old hand on this forum, from the other forums I’m on I know that you usually have to be pretty established and well-liked before people will accept content-less posts…

AOL. Good one. Spammer? another good one. No, just informed. Do you want to open this can of worms? I see you wised up with your URL. I repeat, do you want to open the can? I am sure of your intentions rookie, i wish to do no harm, but I do like a good game. So, you let me know and we can play the game.

@PhoenixCircuit & Sticktoit
And how would this help answering omr’s question regarding layer breaks?
Why don’t we just concentrate on helping one another instead of entering into a pissing contest.