Double Layer DVD burning problem

Hey everyone.

I just got a new Gateway laptop with a Phillips DVD±RW SDVD8441 burner.

I bought some Hewlett Packard DL discs.

Everytime I burn in NERO it says “ILLEGAL DISC”.

I did a Nero CD-DVD speed test, and I get this error, “NO ADITIONAL SENSE IFORMATION”

Are HP DL discs junk or will I get the same problem with other discs? please help… thank you!

If you’re new to DVD burning then it’s probably best to start using single layer (4.7GB) disks first as these are cheaper to waste than DL media and belive me we’ve all wasted a few in the past.

For this particular problem it’s most likely that the burner just doesn’t recognise the media and really the only DL media to use would be Verbatim +R DL.

The burner you have is an 8x burner (+R/-R) and 2.4x for +R DL media. It will not handle -R DL media so be careful.

The DVDs I have are HP DVD+R. So I’m not using -R. So I guess I should just go get some verbatim ones? I would use reg 4 gig discs but I need to back up my HD and It would be way easier to do with 8 gig discs.

so use verbatim ones and hopefully no more probs?

thanks a lot for the help… and any more would be appriciated.

It doesn’t look like your burner supports DL burning…take a look here:


It seems OK for +R DL from this info on that link:

My bad…thanks imkidd57.
Funny, that’s the same site I went to…it must have a brain fart… :o
Thanks for catching my mistake…

ok, so… can someone answer my question?

Me thinks your questions have been answered…

Give Verbatims a go, HP should be junk as suspected…probably code out as CMC Mag.

What program(s) are you using for your ripping?
I would suggest Imgburn for burning your DL disc…here are some guides for either ISO DL burning or VIDEO_TS folder burning.

Burning DVD Video files directly to double layer media with ImgBurn

Creating a double layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn

ImgBurn Build Mode, An Overview