Double Layer (DL) DVD Media now available from Verbatim



I just posted the article Double Layer (DL) DVD Media now available from Verbatim.

Double Layer DVD Media now available from Verbatim Verbatim,
the first media manufacturer to offer DVD+R Double Layer media in Australia is
happy to announce that the new DVD+R Double…

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Verbatim 8.5GB Double-Layer DVD+R media is now available from authorised resellers. The media is available in single unit jewel case packaging with a recommended retail pricing of $ 14.95. Verbatim backs the quality of its complete line of DataLifePlus DVD media with a lifetime warranty. At this price I don’t see the attraction, here in the UK DVD-R 4x are down to .40p or less for Ritek and can even get 8x Fuji for around the same price. Until the price is a lot lower I shall give this one a miss. Nearly 15 dollars!! wow!!:r


Is that Australian dollars though? That works out at around £5.83 a disc. I know its still pricey though…


Considering the press release is from Verbatim Australia I would think the prices are in AUD and not USD.


Actually it’s about 15 whatever your currency is (Pound,Euro and Aus Dollar)


For that price, I’d rather just buy two copies of the original DVD.


yeah, only a moran will shell out that for one piece of media… you can get 100 packs of 4x DVD-R media at for 36 bucks…


Or, if you’ve already bought a DL drive and just want to be certain it can successfuly write to DL media…quality dual-layered media, that is.


We should wait until a competitor really apprears on stage. I would buy only one to confirm the capability of my 812s@832 :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh, what do you mean? $15AUD is quite different to $15 Euro or 15 pounds.


Grr, stupid bug with the dollar sign. I meant 15 AUD is quite different to 15 Euro or 15 pounds.


He meant they are charging 15 no matter what country you are in. They are best value in Australia because 15 AUD works out to around 6 pounds and 9 euro. It also works out to 11 US.


Exactly, I will by just the one to check if my NEC actually does write then wait until they come to down to a more reasonable price.


Just noticed this at PC World (UK) Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R 8.5GB, 2.4x certified £ 14.99!!! :r What a ripoff


Vaporware. August or September might be more like it.


Hardly, I saw them in the shop selling for AUD 13 bux.
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