Double layer discs with 8x recording speed introduced

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We recently reported about the new roadmap from the DVD+RW alliance. Now the German website tells us in their newsticker that MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media), Philips and Ricoh…

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That means the NEC 3500 will support them sometime in 2006 judging by NEC’s disinterest and snails pace in releasing new official firmware for this drive to support new medias and technology :frowning: I guess Liggy and Herrie will be bombarded with requests seeing as they are more reliable than NEC as usual!

~4 times faster (2.4x now) hopefully doesn’t mean 4 times more expensive :wink:

I’m sure I’ll be flooded with such requests. Sigh But I’m not sure if the hardware is capable of writing these discs at all.

Hmm… if all DL media will eventually be manufactured using the Inverted Stack method, then the 3500 will be dead in the water if NEC can’t support them via a firmware update. So hopefully it just might be possible to use this new media.

Who cares if they’re going to produce minimal quantities of dual layer discs that can burn at 8x? I’d much rather that they increased production of 2.4x dual layer discs so that their price comes down to a level where we might actually want to use them regularly.

Theoretically, when these 8x discs hit the market, the price for the 2.4x should come down quite a bit.