Double layer copying problems

I use DVD neXT Copy (version 2 or 3), and it seems to work just fine with single layer dvd+or-r media. However, when I use DL media, the program crashs just at the point when it is supposed to start burning the disc. Any suggestions?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A probable cause is the disc. Some discs have a so low quality that the burner is not able to write them.

What discs are you using?

Thanks Geno :slight_smile: I concur. What type of Blank DL media are you using?

I have Phillips dvd-r discs. They otherwise work, for back ups as an example. I also tried burning a single-layer disc, which worked fine, and then requested another copy. I inserted this Phillips disc (dvd-r dl), and the program crashed again, as soon as it would normally start burning a single-layer disc.

Okay this is a DVD-R DL and I seen one other poster have this problem and when they tried DVD+R DL it got solved. You may want to do the same.