Double layer burning

Please could someone help???

I’ve recently installed a Pioneer 111d to burn dual layer but I’m having probs!!!

I’ve got Anydvd installed and use DVDShrink with the Nero trial. Every time I get to 50% burn it fails. Have been told by svp that the nero interface I’m using ( ) is not compatible with my 111d and need at least but whenever I install Nero I get same interface even after using clean tools.

TRied using dvddecrypter and ripit4me…same again

Tried Clonedvd and it worked once but now tried again and got to 86%.

I’ve used RiDisc and Mirror media which both get good writeups on svp.

Would be grateful for any help

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think that your problem is the above: RiDisc and Mirror are rather low quality discs. Try to use a better media like a Verbatim or a Taiyo Yuden. This should solve :slight_smile:

As it’s a dual layer problem then the only option is Verbatim +R DL media.

For dual layer, as already stated, use only Verbatim and nothing else. Throw the Ridisc and Mirror media away.

For backing up a dual layer movie, use DVDDecryptor to rip the original in ISO mode, then use Decryptor to burn the ISO to a DL disc. This method is 100% successful.

It’s also true that your outdated version of Nero will not burn DL without errors. Update that to and you will be better off.