Double layer burning problems

Hi All

I have a HP Pavilion dv6519tx notebook with a LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVD±RW with Double Layer Support. I have ripped and burned a number of CDs and single layer DVDs with no problem however I am having issues with dual layer burning.

I have tried DVD Shrink and Roxio Media Suite 10 with dual layer disc size selected. Shrink just gives me an error before burn and Roxio burns 50% and then fails. I think maybe it is a driver problem but I can’t find any drivers. HP site offers virtually nothing in the way of support for it.

Does anybody have any idea where I could get a driver (I’m using Vista 34 home) or any other suggestions why dual layer is failing.

I am using Ridata +R DL discs.


If it were me, I’d change the type of disks and the program to burn them. It sounds like your burns are failing at the layer break, which is a common problem with dual layer disks.

The most reliable dual layer disks on the market are made by Mitsubishi and usually sold under the Verbatim brand. The Verbatim DL made in Singapore seem to be the best. Look for the 8x speed disks, since we have several reports that they are, so far, exclusively made in the Singapore plant. If they are not available, the 2.4x-4x Verbatims are the next best bet.

Since you were using Shrink, I assume you were trying to copy a dvd movie. I would use a different tool than Roxio. ImgBurn is the most recommended program for dual layer, and will set the layer break correctly. It is free to download and use:

Rip the entire movie to the hard drive as files using your favorite decrypter/ripping program. Then start ImgBurn and put it in Build Mode and set the output as your burner (Device rather than Image File).
Here is the guide for this process:

Thumbs up for Verbatim DVD±R DL.

Thumbs down for Ridata +R DL.