Double Layer burning problems - discs or 716A's fault?



I have a 716A which performs very well except for the latest batch of Verbatim +DL media I’ve used.
The first 2 or 3 discs of a 10 disc box were fine but the following 5 discs all became coasters (burning aborted shortly before/during the layer break)!
Did I get a bad spindle of Verbatim discs? Is there a way to find out whether it’s the 716A or the discs?
I don’t won’t to buy another spindle of +DL’s just to get an answer…
Any clues?
Thanks, beatlegs


How fast r u burning the dvds?
I have some Verbatins 8x double layer, i normaly burn them at the lowest speed (4x) cause the Px-760 doesn’t permit to burn @2.4x or doesnt want… lol


I use (and used) Verbatim 2.4x +DL media. The 716A allows 2.4x, 4x and 6x for these. I never tried 6x and had good results with both other speeds - up until the troubles began…


I’d play it safe and burn at the stated 2.4 speed. Also, shut down your antivirus and scan for spyware as these things can screw up a burn more so than the drive or discs themselves. Finally, regardless of burn-proof technology, don’t use the computer during a burn. I found it can make the difference between a pixelated scene in a movie and a not pixelated scene.

Don’t forget to update your firmware in Safe Mode.



What, are you stuck in 2001 or something?


No. I’m a realist and I know what my eyes have seen.


I’ve never had an issue having antivirus running in the background (not full scan) and using the PC during burning.


I have the same problem with 716A and Verbatim DL DVD-R 4x disks.
Writing on 2x or 4x goes well. I have used 2x. The first layer is ok,
but the second layer produced is unreadable even on the same drive.

It seems to be a common bad writing quality of this plextor drive.
Even single layer disks this drive writes worse than my old 712A.


The 716A in general is one of the better Double Layer disc burners (DVD+R DL) in mine and others’ experiences. Stick to DVD+R DL; when booktyped to DVD-ROM it is far more compatible than DVD-R DL.


Verbatim Dl 2.4X@6X are my best burns!

Never had problems!