Double layer burning fails (Optiarc BC-5500S)

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc BC-5500S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi.

I have some problems with writing DL DVDs. I was trying to write both with Nero 8 and ImgBurn, but it’s all the same.
The thing is that the burning proccess completes as usual, but during verifying errors start to appear somewhere near 50-60%. I’m not really good with it, but it looks like something wrong with writing connection between layers, because while playing this DVD I can select both from the beginning and the end of movie, and it plays ok.

I’m using Optiarc BC-5500S (came with the laptop). Tried to update the firmware, but official one fails (updater simply writes “update failed”, no cause presented) and no other I can find.
OS - WinXP.

I would really appreciate any help

Did you try Verbatim DVD+R DL media?

I use Verbatim DVD+R DL.
Sorry, I should’ve mentioned it in the first post.

First of all, Ner0 is not a good choice for burning to DL media…With Imgburn you can select the layer break position…
You say it plays " plays ok", so whats the issue?..un-tick verify (or not)…

Player freezes when it reaches layer break but plays all right if I avoid it (like when I select chapter after it). Also I was trying to create checksum with Total Commander to do a “manual” verify and it gives me the error that “File cannot be accessed” or something similar on 77% (fails on the fourth “big” vob). Ah, and I cannot copy files from DL to HDD as well.

I’ve tried Nero, and don’t care for it. Been using 1click in conjunction with DVD43 for several years now, and it does quite well, even with DVD+R DLs. I use Verbatim most of the time, and burn at a very slow speed (4X or less). It’s great for making copies of movies for the kids, so that they don’t tear up the originals.