Double-layer backups, anydvd, clonedvd

I used to make backups of my TV season dvd sets on blank dual-layer disks. I used to used dvd decrypter and then nero to burn. worked fine.

Now a couple months later when I try to do the same thing, with the same computer, and the same burner, all I get is trouble.

Was having no luck with decrypter & nero (decrypter did ok, but nero wasn’t burning on DL disks). I have nero version

Tried DVD shrink (with “no compression”) then tried to burn with nero onto a DL blank. No luck.

Finally, I downloaded trial versions of anydvd and clonedvd. I really like these programs. Was hoping for a good result. CloneDVD got thru the ripping, then prompted me for a blank dvd, I put in a DL brand new disk (HP), clonedvd started burning… got thru quite a bit of it, but them popped up a “Media error” and bombed out…

Its frustrating as hell, especially since I used to do it alot. Now I can’t anymore.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

thanks in advance

well, I found a anydvd / clonedvd2 tutorial right here on cdfreaks.

[B]RIP Video-DVD to Harddisk adjusts your DVD files for better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in CloneDVD2.[/B]

It adjust as little information as possible in the VOB and IFO files to allow opening in other apps while keeping the DVD as similar as the original as possible. You would use this if an authoring tool messed up your DVD and the result can no longer be used.

[I]It can also remove unreferenced cells[/I] (i.e. cells that are in the vob files, but never played back, according to the IFO file). it also fixes blank packs that are sometimes introduces by DVD rippers when they encounter unreadable sectors. These blank packs can either be removed, or replaced by compliant “stuffing packs”.

I think that might be what the problem was. I remember some kind of message about “something unreferenced and should not be there…”. I’m going to try the rip from anydvd when I get home later…

I tried the anydvd “rip dvd to harddisk” method, and checked the option to “remove blank references…” or whatever it’s called. Then halfway through the write (with CloneDVD2) it bombed out again - “media error”. I give up. So much for the trial versions of these programs… they just suck royally.

someone please close this thread.

Just my opinion but I only use Verbatrim dl discs. Don’t know of any others that are reliable. I also use PgcEdit to create the ISO file. It does a very good job on setting the layer break and you can also select the layer break position of your choice. Then using ImgBurn to burn at 2.4x produces great results.

I finally tried just using dvdshrink to rip, and then to burn on a normal single layer blank dvd… I still got the same error…

Maybe the source DVD? It was a “previously viewed” rental that I bought. Disc looks fine though. This is the worst DVD that I have had trouble with…

The ripping programs that I used all seemed to rip it OK (I tried dvdshrink, dvddecrypter, anydvd, and CloneDVD2). The error was always during the burn process.

I’m giving up. I’ll just live without a backup of it.

edit: sorry for the “they suck” comment about anydvd & CloneDVD2. I was frustrated at the time. Actually I like them alot. I’d like to buy them, but I don’t know if I want to be on a Big Brother list of buyers of DVD copying software…

[B]Snafoo[/B], Have you tried using ImgBurn to burn your ISO? It’s widely regarded around these parts as the best program to burn DL as it automatically calculates the layer break. Also, what media are you using? :slight_smile:

I was using H-P dual layer discs. Its the first time I’ve tried HP DL disks. Don’t remember what brand I was using a few months ago. However, I also tried to shrink the movie with dvdshrink, and burn it on my a normal single layer disc (memorex in this case). I’ve used memorex DVD+R discs sucessfully for a couple years now.

I have seen imgburn mentioned on cdfreaks several times and I am curious about it. Is it a free prog, or purchase?

Its a free prog. v2 has just been released today. Link

Could you find out what MID those discs are using Nero CD-DVD Speed? (Another free prog) Look under “Disc Info” tab.

I appreciate you have been using Memorex media succesfully but Memorex media generally sucks big time :Z . Try using some good quality DL discs like Verbatim.

ok, will try out the verbatim. These DL discs are #@$!@# expensive at Best Buy… where are better places to get them…?

What’s a good brand of lightscribe discs? I just bought a lightscribe burner today - LG H10L.

I’m in the UK, so maybe some fellow Americans may be able to help you with that. But check out the CD-Freaks bargain basement forum.

Are you using the latest firmware?, do you get the same error on the LG? :slight_smile:

well, I tried to backup this problem disc one more time. Since I now have a brand-new burner and I also d/l imgburn last night.
Burn went along fine, up to 99% completed and then errored out.

ok, anyway, thanks. I just have to give up on this disk.

It seems to me to be a media problem. Try some decent media like Verbatim and let us know how you get on!

yes, that is the LAST thing I can try, I have tried everything else that I have: shrink, decrypter, nero, anydvd, clonedvd.

I’ll try to locate some verbatim DL disc around town, or online.